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Build your outbound on solid foundations

rift manages and monitors your email infrastructure, making sure your DNS records are set up correctly and your domain reputation is protected.

Grow your domain reputation

Grow your domain reputation with unlimited email warming. The rift warmer leverages AI to generate real human-readable emails and replies.

Make sure you only contact real business emails

Verify contact email addresses before adding them to email campaigns. With unlimited email verification, you can avoid your emails bouncing and make sure you are only reaching legitimate business emails.

Close more customers

Create and close more pipeline with rift email campaigns. Leverage personalization and automation to send the right messages, to the right people, at the right time.

Stop worrying about landing deliverability

rift is designed to prevent behavior that causes emails to be flagged as suspicious. Stop worrying about whether you're sending too many emails, and start focusing on selling.

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Sales consulting

We will review your sales emails and teach you how to best reach your clients.

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